domingo, 29 de setembro de 2019

Hey, i made a game!

A Tiny Shortsword is a minimalistic adventure game with simple, but interesting dice mechanics, free form magic and a cool one page format! It is totally free, and you can also download the stylish bookmark character sheets! Link below!

Basic mechanic:
In A Tiny Shortsword there is no set DC. Challenges are represented by a number of d6s ranging from 1d6 (easy) up to 3d6 (hard) (maybe more, in extreme cases), those are called Challenge Dice. In order to beat those challenges, characters must roll a number of Action Dice, indicated by their attribute scores, trying to beat the number rolled on the Challenge Dice. This way, a challenge that is above a character's level may be extremely hard, but it will never be impossible!

Enemies have only 2 scores: Health and Challenge Dice, so they're super easy to make up on the fly!
In combat you basically roll your Might Action Dice against the enemy's Challenge Dice, the loser takes the difference in damage. It's that easy!

Free form magic:
In order to produce a magical effect, a character must combine a Verb and a Name. He then rolls with his spellcasting attribute against a certain number of Challenge Dice that depends on the intended power level, but here's the catch: failed spallcasting rolls deal damage based on the difference between the rolls, so no spamming attempts on powerful effects! Better think twice before choosing that 4 Challenge Dice to burn that whole house down!


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